Calpine (Westbrook Energy Center) – Westbrook, ME

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Calpine (Westbrook Energy Center) – Westbrook, ME

Safeguarding Energy Infrastructure with Strategic Roof Management

Originally constructed by General Electric in 2001, the Calpine Energy Generation Plant is now operated by Calpine Energy. The facility’s existing roof faces significant wear and tear due to the frequent roof traffic associated with rooftop equipment services.

Industrial Roofing Company (IRC) conducted a comprehensive study and analysis to determine the most effective long-term strategy. Multiple action plans were evaluated to identify the optimal solution for Calpine. IRC subsequently executed substantial repairs in key areas on the roof to revitalize its condition and extend its lifespan.

The meticulous roof management undertaken by Industrial Roofing Company ensures the Calpine Energy Generation Plant’s roof remains robust and long-lasting, enhancing the overall functionality of the facility. This proactive approach is integral in maintaining the plant’s operations and minimizing disruptions.

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