Backyard Farms, Madison, ME

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Backyard Farms, Madison, ME

Fostering Sustainable Agriculture with Expert Roofing Retrofits

Industrial Roofing & Siding successfully completed the retrofit of the Backyard Farms Packhouse. This project exemplifies the importance of collaborating with a trusted contractor, rather than opting for public bids.

The original roof was a metal roof installed by multiple contractors, and it suffered from numerous leaks and insufficient R-value. Our solution involved adding insulation between the ribs and installing a mechanically attached EPDM layer on top. This not only safeguards the interior from water intrusion but also increases the roof’s R-value and supports snow melting into the water recovery system, ultimately improving efficiency and sustainability.

Industrial Roofing & Siding’s expertise in retrofitting the Backyard Farms Packhouse showcases the benefits of working with experienced contractors who understand the intricacies of your project, resulting in enhanced functionality and environmental responsibility.

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