Hannaford – Lewiston, ME

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Hannaford – Lewiston, ME

Revitalizing Roofing Integrity with a Comprehensive Restoration Solution

Hannaford’s roof, featuring a fully adhered EPDM membrane, received an EPDM restoration approximately 15 years after its initial installation, extending its service life by 8+ years. With no leaks or issues, Hannaford decided to restore the entire roof using Republic’s GEOGARD system after consulting with IRC’s roof management services and John Massengill.

IRC conducted a thorough roof inspection and moisture survey, resulting in minimal wet insulation that was replaced. The project commenced with power washing, followed by treating field seams, roof edge flashings, and penetration flashings with PERMAFAB and the GEOGARD Base Coat. The entire roof received the GEOGARD Finish Coat in a tinted tan (Maple Sugar), creating a seamless, monolithic roof coating system with a 12-year warranty for long-lasting protection.

The restoration ensures the durability and longevity of Hannaford’s roof, offering reliable protection without leaks or issues. IRC’s collaboration with Republic’s GEOGARD system guarantees a robust and trouble-free roofing solution.

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