Grover Gundrilling – Oxford, ME

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Grover Gundrilling – Oxford, ME

Safeguarding Manufacturing Equipment with Expert Roofing Solutions

When Grover Gundrilling sought a solution to safeguard their manufacturing equipment investment, Industrial Roofing Company (IRC) provided comprehensive roof management services. After a series of inspections and testing, IRC identified the most effective solution to address the roof issues in this building.

IRC designed a system that not only strengthened the existing metal roof panels but also ensured complete waterproofing through a liquid system supplied by Republic Powdered Metals. The project received positive feedback from the head engineer, Jim Barrows, who expressed his excitement with the results.

IRC’s expertise in strengthening and waterproofing the roof at Grover Gundrilling highlights the company’s commitment to protecting valuable assets and ensuring the continued success of manufacturing operations. The successful project delivers long-term protection for Grover Gundrilling’s manufacturing equipment.

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