Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine – Portland, ME

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Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine – Portland, ME

Revitalizing an Iconic Venue with Modern Elegance

The new Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine, situated on Thompson’s Point in Portland, commissioned IRC for the installation of exterior Pac-Clad Petersen metal tiles. Designed by Bruner/Cott Architects of Boston, the museum’s exterior features approximately 15,600 square feet of Pac-Clad Petersen Precision Series TS Tiles, creating a visually striking design reminiscent of industrial warehouses.

To capture the essence of Maine’s natural beauty, the tiles incorporate various hues of creams, grays, and blues. These tiles, specified in .032-gauge aluminum, were chosen for their ability to withstand the challenging weather and natural elements, given the building’s waterfront location.

IRC’s skilled team efficiently installed the 15,600 square feet of tiles, completing 500 panels per day. This swift pace contributed to the overall timely completion of the project, ensuring the museum’s facade met its aesthetic and functional goals.

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