Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine – Portland, ME

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Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine – Portland, ME

When the new Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine on Thompson’s Point, Portland was finally ready to be built, IRC was hired for the installation of exterior Pac-Clad Peterson metal tiles.

Project Overview

Bruner/Cott Architects of Boston designed the museum as a boxy building, reminiscent of the industrial warehouses that once populated Thompson’s Point. On the exterior, glass windows would provide great views of the outside, while approximately 15,600 square feet of Pac-Clad Petersen Precision Series TS Tiles would cover the rest.

Different hues of creams, grays, and blues were worked into the tiling, a nod to Maine’s natural beauty. The tiles were specified in .032-gauge aluminum, allowing them to withstand the weather and natural elements of the building’s waterfront location.


A team of two from IRC was able to install the 15,600 square feet of tiles at a rate of 500 panels per day. This pace allowed us to complete our part quickly and efficiently, allowing the rest of the project to be completed promptly.

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