Coastal Maine Botanical Garden – Boothbay, ME

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Coastal Maine Botanical Garden – Boothbay, ME

Promoting Sustainability and Green Practices at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Industrial Roofing & Siding, in collaboration with Solar Roof Systems, executed the installation of a comprehensive roofing system, including metal and asphalt shingles, and a 27.6 kW roof-mounted PV system on the Bosarge Family Education Center, the Gardens’ brand-new education and administration building.

Additionally, a 20.7 kW ground-mounted PV system was installed on their tennis court, enhancing the Gardens’ commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The completion of these installations led to the grand opening of the Lead-platinum building at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, marking a significant milestone in promoting eco-friendly practices.

The project showcases the successful integration of green roofing and solar systems, highlighting the collaborative efforts of Industrial Roofing & Siding and Solar Roof Systems in advancing sustainable practices at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

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