Pen Bay Medical Center – Rockport, ME

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Pen Bay Medical Center – Rockport, ME

When the Pen Bay Medical Center, located in Rockport, Maine, required new roof and siding solutions, they relied on the reputation and expertise of our team at Industrial Roofing Company.
The new roof construction included a total of 217 square feet of Firestone EPDM roofing material, and the siding installation involved 7,400 square feet of AL13 VLine plank, 5,000 square feet of AI13 panels, 10,000 square feet of Morin X12 vertical siding panels. Maintaining the original schedule, budget, and our high-quality standards were high priorities—which our dedicated team accomplished with our Covid-19 safety measures in place and limited manpower.
Leading this project was Metal Services Manager Josh Marr, Vice President of Operations Dennis St. Hilaire, Metal Foreman Fred Bergmann, and Flat Roofing Foreman Fern Beaucage.

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