Cole Transportation Museum – Bangor, ME

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Cole Transportation Museum – Bangor, ME

Preserving Legacy and Heritage Through Critical Repairs and Dedication

The Cole Land Transportation Museum is a treasure trove of land transportation equipment and U.S. Military memorabilia, featuring items from the personal collection of the late WWII veteran, Galen Cole, and contributions from across the nation.

In late 2019, crucial repairs were identified, and the project received approval the following winter. With the passing of the museum’s dedicated leader, Galen Cole, in January, Industrial Roofing Company (IRC) undertook the responsibility of ensuring the building and its invaluable artifacts remain protected from the elements for the next two decades.

IRC considers it a privilege to have played a role in this project, fully understanding the historical significance and the deep personal meaning it held for Mr. Cole. If you find yourself in the area, we encourage you to visit and explore the rich history and heritage preserved at the Cole Land Transportation Museum.

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