Nortrax – Westbrook, ME

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Nortrax – Westbrook, ME

Restoring the Home of a Thriving Forestry and Construction Equipment Business

This building serves as the headquarters for a well-known forestry and construction equipment business, housing millions of dollars in inventory. Originally constructed as a pre-engineered building in the 1980s, it had performed reasonably well until recent years when leaks began to appear. Like many structures, it had not received adequate maintenance before these issues arose.

The building owner engaged Industrial Roofing Company (IRC) for roof management services to address the leaks, which resulted in successful repairs. However, during the process, an IRC consultant recognized the need for a complete restoration to prevent the necessity of roof replacement. Multiple options were presented to the owner, with the RPM urethane liquid coating system selected for its favorable installation cost, performance, and sustainability.

The installation of the RPM urethane liquid coating system was completed by IRC’s dedicated crews in September 2013, bringing immense satisfaction to the building owner. The project not only resolved immediate issues but also ensured the long-term durability of the roof, contributing to a contented and appreciative building owner.

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