IRC Academy

Our hands-on, comprehensive apprenticeship program provides newcomers, amateur carpenters/mechanics, and current IRC employees opportunities in trade development and career growth. Our custom training program is the first of its kind and offers National Roofing Contractors Association- and National Center for Construction Education and Research-standard training by our certified instructors in a two-year program.

Professional Training in Just Two Years

Partnering with the State of Maine, we are the first local registered apprenticeship program for a roofing and siding company. Our roofing experts provide thorough training in new commercial roof installations, roofing repairs, and roof management services – all in a safe and controlled environment. We are confident that when it is time for our students to climb up a ladder, there are no surprises.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Entry-Level Technician

As a Technician’s Apprentice, students learn the basics of roofing, carpentry, and job site safety in a classroom environment with the addition of some active-site opportunities.


After successful completion of the Technician Apprenticeship, students progress to Mechanic. Training involves more in-depth understanding of individual products/roofing systems and learning skills and techniques, including laying insulation, roofing membrane, and decking installation.

Mechanic II

Mechanic II Apprentices move on to active job sites where they are trained in working with hand and power tools, insulation, primer and adhesive, seaming, welding equipment, flashing, and more.

Who Can Apply?

The IRC Academy is open to anyone looking to further a roofing career in Maine, including current IRC employees, high school students, amateur carpenters, and those looking to learn a new trade. We require only the desire to learn and a strong work ethic.

Two roofing technicians standing on a roof, one is directing work


High school students interested in a work-study style program should contact our team to discuss options and a workable schedule.

Call Nathan Barnett at 207-784-4551

man applying caulking to and stopping leaks on a commercial roof

Secure Your Roofing Career

Our apprentices go on to successful IRC careers with skillsets and expertise in commercial roofing that benefit them for years to come. Interested in joining the IRC Academy? You can easily apply online.