Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building – Bangor, ME

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Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building – Bangor, ME

Advancing Sustainability with Innovative Solar Integration

Solar Roof Systems, an affiliate of IRC Industrial Roofing Company, was commissioned to design and construct a cutting-edge solar photovoltaic installation at the newly built Margaret Chase Smith Center in Bangor, Maine. This ambitious project presented the challenge of engineering a photovoltaic solution using the side of a new parking garage as the mounting system for the 90kW system.

To address this challenge, we employed twelve custom-made structural steel posts mechanically attached to the building, each supporting 30 Suniva MVX modules. The entire solar system integrates a central Solectria 85kW inverter. Importantly, the array design preserves complete access to the parking facility without compromising a single parking space.

The Margaret Chase Smith Center project showcases innovative solar integration, leveraging the side of a parking garage to harness solar energy without impacting parking availability. This sustainable solution aligns with the center’s commitment to energy efficiency.

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