Solar Consultation

Backed by over 65 years of roofing experience, we provide commercial solar roofing consultation and guidance on any Photovoltaic system, daylighting, and green roof systems. Our solar services — including thorough roof inspections, emergency services, and long-term maintenance — can be integrated into your renewable energy project. It’s peace of mind behind your investment. Our experts will help you find the right partner that best fits your solar roof construction goals and ensure a successful project.

A Simple Solar Process

Our skilled team will guide you on every aspect of your commercial solar roof system needs, from design and system deployment to operations, and we offer complete lifecycle maintenance.


Solar Roof Maintenance

We can provide references to various highly skilled commercial solar roof maintenance partners. For the roof itself, the IRC team provides a scheduled annual maintenance program that safeguards your roof and keeps it lasting as long as possible. In addition, we work to minimize damage and unexpected leaks before they arise, given the difficulty of repairs and replacement once your solar system is installed on the roof.

solar roofing installation

A Smart & Secure Investment

We have broad expertise in roof-mounted solar arrays and years of commercial solar experience in systems ranging from 10 kW arrays to over 2 MW in size. Partnered closely with you, we will tailor solutions to your goals and budget using the most innovative solar-powered solutions available. Not only are you gaining the positive public impact of being an energy-efficient commercial business, but you’re also locking in rates for the life of your system and generating savings.

lamey wellehan solar roof installation

IRC's Custom Solution

Our broad set of services ensure you receive the right solar roofing solution the first time. We’ll help you determine exactly what is required in order to maximize the lifespan of your roof, to help save time and money. Every project is customized to your needs and delivered with excellence, flexibility, and integrity as our guide.

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Got a Leak?

For emergency repairs, immediate maintenance needs, or existing job questions, please reach out directly at: (207) 784-4551.