Roof Management Services

Roof Protection Program (RPP)
& Scheduled Annual Maintenance (SAM):

IRC currently provides RPP and SAM to over 5 million square feet of roofs across the Northeast. These cost-effective services define our business philosophy: proactive management of your roof assets to reduce the life-cycle cost and achieve maximum lifespan. While the average lifespan of most commercial roofs is 16 years, our RPP and SAM programs are specifically designed to extend the life of your roof up to 35 years. Depending on the current condition of your roof(s), we’ll determine which program would best meet your needs.

Roof Protection Program Benefits

  • 24/7 Emergency Response Services
  • Personal Consulting with Building Owner and Property Manager on short-term and long-term goals.
  • Initial Inspection: Analysis of existing building envelope condition.  Builds a historical file and roof inventory to properly service the roof in the future.
  • Annual Inspection: Yearly analysis of the roof provides insight to any defects or areas in need of repair that can be used as a proactive budgeting or planning tool.
  • Special Inspection: Typical after severe weather, special inspections evaluate potential roof damage and provide any necessary recommendations.
  • Action Lists: All recommendations are broken down into four categories: Immediate Repairs, Remedial Repairs, Restoration Repairs, and Related Repairs. A CAD plan of the roof will be prepared showing all relevant protrusions and details.
  • Moisture Survey (if necessary): Analysis & Reporting using the following technology; FLIR Infrared Camera, Tramex Multimode Roof & Wall Scanner, Tramex Dec scanner.
  • Optional access to a web-based Customer Portal.

Scheduled Annual Roof Maintenance Benefits

  • 24/7 Emergency Response Services
  • Professional Service Teams: Courteous, Clean, Uniformed, Polite and trained in communication with building owners and tenants.
  • Inspection of all field areas of the roof, in particular areas of foot traffic, surface contamination, or ponding water.
  • Cleanup for drainage and edges.
  • Repairs to small damaged roof areas including cuts and punctures. Temporary repairs for any large areas of damage that may let water into the roof systems.
  • Remedial repairs for non-warranty areas such as caulk joints, sheet metal joints, and counter flashings.
  • Written report with photos, including recommended roof actions for items not included.
  • Live onsite reporting during check in / check out.
  • Written report with photos, including recommended roof actions for items not included.

Additional Roof Management Solutions

  • Consultation
  • Roof Restorations & Repairs
  • Metal Roof Coatings
  • Roof Heat Trace Systems
  • Roof Snow/Ice Retention Systems
  • Roof Fit – Up & Tenant Renovations
  • Roof Snow Removal
  • Small Scale Roofing
  • Parking Deck, Bridges & Concrete Waterproofing
  • Piazza Deck & Balconies Waterproofing
  • Complete Reporting Capabilities

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