Keep the Water Draining!

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Keep the Water Draining!

Ice Damming is the Enemy

Important Notice to All Customers:

Recently our office has received a high volume of calls concerning roof leaks. Current conditions of snow and ice buildup, coupled with warming temperatures or rain, has caused thousands of leaks. The vast majority of these leaks are caused by a sort of “hydraulic pressure”. This means that the weight of ice and snow are pressing down on water, causing the water to find a point of entry. This problem occurs when three things happen:

  1. Ice damming due to poor water drainage.
  2. Water breaching roof system due to roof defects.
  3. Excessive weight due to buildup of ice and snow.

If the excessive weight didn’t occur, you may not have any roof leaks, because there would be no ice damming and therefore no hydraulic pressure.

Although emergency leak procedures must be used at times, they can be expensive. This is due to the fact that many of the repairs are temporary during winter, and must be completed or inspected during warmer weather. Removal of snow and ice in the field of the roof is also expensive and time-consuming. The quickest and best way to alleviate these problems is through an aggressive effort in keeping the drainage system working. Whether that means keeping the area around roof drains free of snow and ice, or removing ice dams along edge, allowing water to drain will usually eliminate nearly all roof leaks and roof weight issues.

Keep track of your roof drainage and keep the water draining. We can manage your drainage concerns, often for less than the cost of a Leak Call, and without the interruptions, tenant concerns, damage, etc.! Call us for an inspection or a water drainage clearing service. Please contact your IRC representative at our office (207-784-4551), or click on this link to email us a request.

Got a Leak?

For emergency repairs, immediate maintenance needs, or existing job questions, please reach out directly at: (207) 784-4551.